Joan Chittister Fund for Prisoners 2016 Appeal

“The Monastic Way gives me motivation to start my day. Thank you for making my days here much brighter ones. You really, really do,” wrote Deborah, a prisoner in Lynwood, CA. The annual Joan Chittister Fund for Prisoners appeal is geared to making sure that Deborah and thousands of other people in prison receive Sister Joan’s monthly reflection piece free of charge. Please click here to read Sister Joan’s letter and give what you can. Thank you.

Joan Chittister Video: Women and Moral Leadership

Joan Chittister Video: Women and Moral Leadership

If you missed the webinar you can still get the video.
Joan Chittister examines our concepts of leadership: where they come from, how they have evolved and why women are desperately needed now in all levels of leadership. Authority is in question, patriarchy remains, and women have the gifts we need.

View a trailer or purchase a 90-day rental HERE

If heaven is
life with God,
then we have it now
—if we want it.
—Joan Chittister

  • Joan Chittister Reader's Retreat 2017

    The book for this year's Reader's Retreat with Joan Chittister, Two Dogs and a Parrot, featured Joan's pet, Lady.

  • Joan Chittister Reader's Retreat 2017

    The Reader's Retreat, held in Findley Lake, NY, Oct 9-11 brought together 36 participants from across the country.

  • Joan Chittister Reader's Retreat 2017

    The unique format involves every participant in reflection on the selected book and also includes prayer time.

  • Joan Chittister Reader's Retreat 2017

    2017 Reader's Retreat participants meet Sister Joan's bird, Lady. The book for this year's retreat was Two Dogs and a Parrot—Lady is featured in the book.

Joan Chittister is an outspoken advocate of justice, peace and equality — especially for women world-wide — and has been one of America’s visionary spiritual voices for more than 30 years.

On this website you can explore what makes her a beloved and best-selling author, a soul-stirring speaker, and a gifted spiritual guide.

As a Benedictine Sister of Erie, Pennsylvania, Joan Chittister has focused her life’s work on the development of contemporary spirituality, a redefinition and renewal of Benedictine life for seekers today, and justice for the oppressed and marginalized, particularly those in prison. Here are four Good Works that reflect her life commitments:

What's New

Joan Chittister, OSB
White House Meeting

Joan Chittister is one of a small group of religious leaders invited to Against Hatred, a special interfaith event at the White House on Monday, Nov. 28. The conference will discuss the upsurge of hostility, prejudice and division in the nation and explore ways to deal with these issues and build greater harmony and tolerance as faith leaders. The meeting is convened by the American Jewish Heritage, through its intergroup and interreligious division, The Fund for a Better Tomorrow. It was joined by a personal invitation from Dr. James Forbes Jr, President of the Healing of the Nations Foundation and for many years Senior Minister at Riverside Church, in New York City.

Spirit of Thanksgiving

In her latest online column for the National Catholic Reporter, Joan Chittister explains what she’s thankful for. Click here.

Joan Chittister, OSB
French Interview

The national Catholic newspaper of France, La Croix, interviewed Joan Chittister as part of a 10-page post U.S. election piece. Here is how it referenced Sister Joan in the article:

"This is a black day for all those who believe in a society where the poor are honored, respected and supported,” says Sister Joan Chittister, Benedictine, and writer. For Sister Chittister, Donald Trump’s election is part of a much broader societal upheaval. “We are in a period of history where change—new technology, the arrival of thousands of immigrants, societal changes around the family, are too fast to absorb for older generations and the poor. Many want to return to the America they knew in the 1950s. Faced with the fear of inevitable change, we must adapt to a pluralistic society where governments have failed to manage these changes,“ suggests the nun.

In the request for the interview, the editor of La Croix wrote, “In France we are absolutely astonished by the election of Donald Trump,” the editor wrote, “….and we would be very interested in interviewing Sister Joan to give us her reaction and her message in this particular context.”

Joan Chittister Newsletters

A Word from Joan

How to “make straight the way of God”
Dec 5, 2016

It was a Native American chief who taught me the meaning of Christmas at a conference where interfaith leaders were gathered to discuss the relationship of religion to race.

Joan Chittister Book Club

An opportunity to read, reflect on, and discuss one of Joan Chittister’s books with other spiritual companions. Three times a year a new Joan Chittister book will be featured with reviews, impact stories from readers, videos on the books from Sister Joan, excerpts and inspiring quotes from the book. You are encouraged to join a two-week online discussion of the book that will be part of this ongoing feature. The discussion on Wisdom Distilled from the Daily opens November 7 and will continue until November 18.

Spirituality Resources

The Way to Inner Freedom: A Guided Journal
The Way to Inner Freedom: A Guided Journal by Joan Chittister

Joan Chittister brings you the essence of the ancient wisdom of St. Benedict in her reflections on his time-tested path to inner freedom. For each of the steps of this path, read Sister Joan’s reflections, sit with the accompanying photography, and then find directed questions on pages open for you to express your own experience. Having worked through these steps, St. Benedict promises, “You will reach the love of God that casts out fear.” Give this new guided journal by Sister Joan as a Christmas gift or use it for personal spiritual reflection or as a discussion group resource.

2017 Joan Chittister Calendar and Monastic Way
2017 Joan Chittister Calendar and Monastic Way

“To be able to look at something and imagine how to do it differently is the gift that frees the soul,” writes Joan Chittister. The Gift of Seeing Differently, the 2017 Joan Chittister Calendar, and the 2017 The Monastic Way collection are about freeing the soul.

The insights of Joan Chittister, the words of Scripture and the bold and multifaceted art of our 2017 artist Ansgar Holmberg give you a new opportunity each month to see, think and construct your world differently—to discover how God dwells among us in surprising forms.

Join Joan on Lands of the Bible 2017 River Cruise
Join Joan on Lands of the Bible 2017 River Cruise

Visit the “Lands of the Bible” with Joan Chittister on an October 16-28, 2017, cruise that will take you to Turkey, Greece, Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Sister Joan will give brief talks on “World Religions” during the cruise. Register by November 1 and save $100. Enter host Benetvision and ID 56281 on the registration form. Download a brochure here.

Benetvision STORE

One of the many ways Benetvision pursues its mission as a research and resource center for contemporary spirituality is through a store where Joan Chittister’s books, newsletters, and recorded teachings are available for sale. When you buy from the Benetvision store, the proceeds help support the work of Sister Joan and her Benedictine community.