Book Discussion: "Between the Dark and the Daylight"

Welcome to the two-week sampler book discussion of Between the Dark and the Daylight by Joan Chittister. There will be new topics posted each Monday and Thursday. To join the discussion, click on Thursday, April 30, Topic 4, Chapter 22. This is an open discussion and comments will be posted after approval.

The heart of the mystic
is the heart
that breaks
with every other
broken heart on earth.
—Joan Chittister

  • Crowd hears second annual Joan D. Chittister Lecture

    The D'Angelo Performing Arts Center was filled to capacity as 800 people attended the event. Overflow seating was in the athletic center.

  • Maria Shriver in conversation

    Maria Shriver shared her personal inspiration with Joan, who she described as a "teacher and a trailblazer.''

  • Joan Chittister addresses the audience at Mercyhurst University

    Joan addresses the audience during the conversation on faith, peace, justice, spirituality and women's roles in society.

  • Joan and Maria Shrive In Conversation April 2015

    Sister Joan and Maria Shriver, former California first lady, "In Conversation," at Mercyhurst University on April 9 in Erie as part of the university's second annual Joan D. Chittister Lecture Series.

Joan Chittister is an outspoken advocate of justice, peace and equality — especially for women world-wide — and has been one of America’s visionary spiritual voices for more than 30 years.

On this website you can explore what makes her a beloved and best-selling author, a soul-stirring speaker, and a gifted spiritual guide.

As a Benedictine Sister of Erie, Pennsylvania, Joan Chittister has focused her life’s work on the development of contemporary spirituality, a redefinition and renewal of Benedictine life for seekers today, and justice for the oppressed and marginalized, particularly those in prison. Here are four Good Works that reflect her life commitments:

What's New

Sister Joan and Bishop Spong
John Shelby Spong Lecture

Joan Chittister met with Bishop Spong for a lengthy conversation following her presentation for the Fifth Annual John Shelby Spong Lectureship, St. Peter’s Church, Morristown, NJ last Thursday, April 23. A large and enthusiastic crowd greeted Sister Joan’s appearance.

Seek Peace and Pursue It

Thirty-two years ago this week, May 3, 1983, the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops adopted the historic pastoral letter: “The Challenge of Peace: God’s Promise and Our Response.” To read Sister Joan’s critique of that document on her website, click below.

Joan and Maria Shriver in conversation.
In Conversation

What did Maria Shriver and Joan Chittister talk about at the 2nd Annual Joan Chittister Lecture Series that took place in April at Mercyhurst University? Listen in on the conversation.

A Word from Joan

Breaking silence
Apr 27, 2015
The Monastic Way by Joan Chittister

In a society of strangers, in a world where rural villagers are now more the rarity than the norm, we all live private lives in increasingly larger groups where no one is responsible and everyone is responsible at the same time. But the great saints allow for no such excuses. They confront us with being keepers of the Garden wherever we are. Wherever we are, they show us, justice must reign, equality must prevail, and the defense of the little ones of God must be assured. By us.

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Between the Dark and the Daylight
Between the Dark and the Daylight by Joan Chittister

New book by Joan Chittister
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In words as wise as they are inspiring, Between the Dark and the Daylight explores the concerns of modern life, of the overworked mind and hurting heart. These are the paradoxical—and often frustrating—moments when our lives feel at odds with everything around us.

Joan Chittister Essential Writings
Joan Chittister Essential Writings

#1 best seller in Amazon's Religion & Spirituality category after Oprah interview
Selected by Mary Lou Kownacki and Mary Hembrow-Snyder

This volume, more than any other, captures and distills Chittister's spirit and her message for women and men today—including reflections on her own journey, why she remains in the church, and what sustains her faith and hope.

The Monastic Way
The Monastic Way

The Monastic Way in 2015 is best-selling author Joan Chittister's strikingly beautiful monthly subscription publication. Available as a mailed print subscription or online.

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One of the many ways Benetvision pursues its mission as a research and resource center for contemporary spirituality is through a store where Joan Chittister’s books, newsletters, and recorded teachings are available for sale. When you buy from the Benetvision store, the proceeds help support the work of Sister Joan and her Benedictine community.

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